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Immerse yourself
      In the
Spanish language 


Learn Spanish and explore exciting and authentic destinations in Colombia. Immerse yourself in the culture, connect with its people, and enjoy unique experiences that only its geography and culture offer.

Conversational Learning

Our conversational approach to learning Spanish helps you to speak confidently in real-life situations.

Cultural Integration

Experience the richness of Spanish culture through our integrated approach to language learning.

Flexibility and Convenience

Choose from private, semi-private, or group courses in-person or online, and learn at your own pace.


Embrace the Language

Embrace the Culture!

Imagine being able to communicate fluently in Spanish, not only in everyday situations but also in conversations full of colloquial expressions and slang, fully immersing yourself in Latin American culture. Our conversational teaching approach will enable you to acquire the necessary skills to communicate confidently in any context.

Private Lessons
Semi-Private Lessons
Group Lessons
Spanish Abroad

Courses in person or virtual.
You Choose!

You can take Spanish courses in person at your workplace, home, or even from a coffe shop.

*Please note that in-person courses are only available for students located in NY.

Find Out About Classes

and begin exploring the fascinating world of the Spanish language.

We await you with open arms!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of learning Spanish? At LC Spanish and Travel, we are passionate about helping you master the Spanish language in a unique and immersive way.

Start your spanish

 journey today!


• Learn Spanish in a conversational manner, making it easier to communicate with native Spanish speakers in everyday situations.

• Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Latin American culture by integrating it into the language learning experience.

• Have the ability to use colloquial expressions and slang in conversations, making communication more natural and authentic.

• Choose from private, semi-private, or group courses, allowing for a personalized learning experience that meets individual needs.

• Access virtual courses, providing flexibility and convenience for those who cannot attend in-person classes.


• Conversational teaching style.

• Integration of Latin American culture into lessons.

• Ability to communicate fluently in day-to-day interactions.

• Use of colloquial expressions and slang in conversations.

• Private, semi-private, and group courses available in person or virtually.

• Spanish Abroad! Learn Spanish while traveling to Medellín Colombia, experiencing its culture, gastronomy, and landscapes. Explore nearby towns like Marinilla, Guatapé, and El Peñol.

Find Out About Classes

and begin exploring the fascinating world of the Spanish language.

We await you with open arms!

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