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Tailored Semi-Private


Your Spanish Your Way

Maximum 3 students per class

Are you looking for personalized Spanish classes that cater to your specific needs and interests?

Look no Further!

Experience the personalized touch of our semi-private Spanish classes! With a small group size, Maximum of 3 students per class. you’ll receive individualized attention and tailored lessons to meet your specific language goals. Our experienced instructors will guide you on an engaging language-learning journey, focusing on your strengths and areas for improvement.

Join us and elevate your Spanish skills in a supportive and collaborative environment

Courses in person or virtual.
You Choose!

You can take Spanish courses in person at your workplace, home, or even from a coffe shop.

*Please note that in-person courses are only available for students located in NY.

Semi-Private  Monthly  Study Plans

Find Out About Classes

and begin exploring the fascinating world of the Spanish language.

We await you with open arms!

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